Two tec divers prepare for dive

Two technical scuba divers prepare for a dive by checking equipment and going over dive plan. Tec dive gear contains a pair of double tanks filled with TRIMIX gas to safely allow deeper dives. Monty provides instruction for PADI tech … Read More

SCUBA Tec Diver on dive boat

Monty, a certified tec dive scuba instructor, stands on the back of a dive boat wearing two side-mount nitrox tanks. This custom harness created by Monty allows for a more balanced and streamlined dive once underwater. The two nitrox tanks … Read More

Underwater scuba adventure

A child’s first underwater SCUBA dive is an amazing adventure into a whole new world. The ability to breath underwater like a fish, and to see so many new and unique sea life is an amazing experience. Check out this … Read More

SCUBA dive course

I just finished a great SCUBA diving photo shoot mostly focused on the Tec Diver certification course. I got some great images on the boat planning the dive, checking equipment, and entering the water. Scroll down to view photos, or … Read More

Group of SCUBA dive buddies signaling OK

A group of four adult friends floats on the surface of the tropical Caribbean Sea while signaling OK sign. The dive boat captain overlooks the dive buddies, and ensures that everyone is ready to descend into the amazing world of … Read More

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