Preparing your house for professional photography

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To get the best images of a property, the property needs to be prepared just as much as the photographer. With a properly lit photo the image will show all the features of the room, but will also capture imperfections, so the rooms need to be prepared properly.La_Colina_Vacation_Rental_by_Devon_Stephens

The property should already be in condition ready for the client. That means the painting is done, amenities are in place, and everything is in working order. Once the basics are taken care of, we can start preparing for the photo shoot.

  • Get rid of clutter. Lots of small decorations are distracting, and may not even be identifiable in the big picture. Keep things as simple as possible. An attractive centerpiece on a table is great, but surrounding it with more small decorations is just a distraction. Once you have gotten rid of clutter, do it again. Less is more.
  • Clean up signs of pets. That includes cages, water, toys, etc. You aren’t promoting the pets, but the property, so let it shine through.
  • Hide dish soap, drying rack, and cleaning products in kitchen.
  • Ensure all lights are working. Many people unscrew bulbs to save electricity, but they need to all be connected and on during the shoot.
  • Make sure linens are arranged and in good condition. Make sure curtains are consistent throughout the room.

 To really make the property show it’s best, consider hiring a stager. They are experts at placing furniture and decor in an attractive way. A few hundred dollars to have someone stage things can really make a difference.

 It’s all of these little things that make a difference in how your property presents, and that ultimately attracts buyers.