Vacation Rental Sample Photos

Here I will show the results of a typical photo shoot showcasing a house for real estate or vacation rental promotion.
I generally prepare each of the rooms for a single photo by slightly rearranging things (the room should already be clean and tidy) working out the best camera angle, and then setting up studio lighting.

Here are the resulting photos that were presented to the client:

A typical shoot includes a photo of each of the following locations:

Master Bedroom
Master Bath
Additional Bedrooms
Any private or shared bathrooms
Dining Room
Living Room
Home Exterior
Pool, etc.

A medium sized house will usually result in 10-12 still photos, while a larger house may have as many as 20 images.

Many clients opt for panoramic virtual tour photos of major feature areas such as living room, view, kitchen and exterior. These panoramic images can be combined with other still photos, music, and informational text overlays to form an impressive video virtual tour that can be made available on youtube, embedded VRBO, or put on your own website, as you can see in the example below.

Roatan Photography provides interior and exterior photos as well as panoramic virtual tour photography to help you best showcase your property. By showing your property in the best light, you can attract more satisfied customers. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.