Very Deep Dive

I recently had the opportunity to go on a dive in the worlds deepest tourist submarine, built by Karl of Stanley Submarines. I love SCUBA diving, and when I had a chance to go to a depth of 2000 feet rather than the maximum 130 feet for recreational SCUBA divers, I decided to explore the depths.
We set out in the middle of the afternoon, and as we dove deeper and deeper, it continued to get darker, until it became completely dark and we could only see by the lights of the sub. At an astounding 2000 feet deep we leveled off and started exploring the Cayman Trench. At that depth the landscape is free from plant life, but does have some unique sea life. Although Karl rattled off names and details of most of the creatures we saw, I can’t remember what was what. Due to the newly added lighting, I was able to get some great pictures.

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Photographer, Devon Stephens