Time of day

I typically do portraits in the morning or around sunset to get the best light. Location can help determine the best time of day, but it also depends on the look you want. Mid-morning is the time to capture the stunning turquoise water. In the morning you will be able to see more of the vibrant colors in the water and background. It’s a great time to capture the tropical scene. The bright light in the morning may make some people squint, and you may want some shots with sunglasses. In the evening we will have softer light and more subdued colors. This works better for people with sensitive eyes, and large groups. We can produce great images at either time, but the best option depends on your group, location, and the style of images you are looking for.

To see the difference see these images taken at the same location at different times of day:

If you have small children, consider what time of day they are naturally at their best.

General Appearance

Arrive rested and hydrated. Good hydration makes your skin glow.

What to wear

It’s up to you, all white, white and Kaki, white with denim, or feel free to choose some color too. Make sure you stick to solid soft colors, and avoid strong colors and patterns that distract attention from your face. Pastels are great. Light yellow, blue, orange all work well. For groups or families try to coordinate the same style even if not the same color. Make sure your shoes match your outfit, or forget them altogether an go barefoot!

Ladies: Long flowing sun dress, or white tops and khakis. Keep jewelry minimal and non distracting.

Men: Polo shirt, or casual button-down shirt and jeans or khakis.

Bring some sunglasses for everyone, we will take some photos with and without sunglasses.


Natural makeup, and simple hairstyling work best. It may be breezy, so bring a hairclip even if you plan to wear your hair down.

Don’t forget sunblock and bugspray in the days before as well as during the shoot.

Creative Ideas

View my blog to see what others have done and get inspired. You can always bring some props for some silly shots. Sunglasses, santa hats, big sun hats, snorkel gear, beach toys, etc. Make your portrait unique to you!